Al Mahdi Islamic Centre Usage Request Form and Agreement

Please fill out this form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form. All fields are required to be completed unless otherwise indicated. Thank you.
1.COVID-19 protocols to be followed at all times inside and outside the centre, including but not limited to wearing masks, social distancing and self-screening before arriving at the centre. 
2. Form to be completed and submitted at least 14 days in advance of event, where possible, or 2 days prior to some events (e.g. Fatiha Program). 

3. The board reseves the right to cancel the usage of the centre at any given time. 
4. To use the centre for a recurring event, kindly contact the secretariat directly at

e.g. Fatiha program, Quran recitation, Nikah, Wedding reception, Seminar
Note: Please include set up and clean up time in Start and End times above.

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1. Supplies will not be provided by the centre and is the responsibility of the event holder; 
2. Cleaning up after the event, is the responsibility of the event holder; 
3. If a kitchen volunteer is required, notice must be given 1 week in advance; 
4. ALL attendees must be double vaccinated and contact tracing must be kept and provided to board members at the end of the event. 


The centre does not charge a fee to use the centre, however there are over head costs that need to be covered. 
A donation in any amout to help cover such costs is appreciated.


The User agrees that the Almehdi Almuntathar Union (the “AMAMU”), their Board, Officers and Members, shall not be responsible for any and all damages, injuries or liabilities which may arise as a result of the User’s use or activity in or on the property of the AMAMU. The User shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the AMAMU, their Board, Officers and Members against any and all such damages, injuries or liabilities. The User agrees to pay to the AMAMU all costs that may be incurred by them in repairing any damages, which may be caused by the User, his/her contractors, workers, agents or guests in the course of use of AMAMU property under such rental. The AMAMU, their Board, Officers and Members shall not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items left in or on AMAMU property prior to, during or after a function. All of the above is applicable to ALL persons brought to/making use of the facilities under this agreement, and it is the responsibility of the User to inform the persons brought to the facilities by him/her of the above rules and regulations. The User shall assume and undertake FULL responsibility for his/her function and those attending the facilities during his/her function.

1. Participants are kindly requested to respect the rules and regulations of the Centre, starting with the recognition that this is a holy site and house of God.
2. Users and their guests must adhere to general Islamic principles (specifically Jaffari School of thought) while using the Centre. Acts, such as playing of music and dancing, will not be permitted during any private functions.
3. Please ensure that there is a separation of seating between men and women (i.e. no mixed gatherings). This can be arranged by using two separate halls. If using a single hall, dividers should be used to separate the seating.
4. Women and men attending are required to adhere to Islamic attire. Women should be wearing appropriately covered clothing and head cover. The use of tank tops for men and shorts above the knees are also prohibited.
5. All applications for Centre bookings shall be given in writing to the AMAMU Secretariat by filling out this form. A request for private usage of the Centre is subject to approval of the Board of Directors of AMAMU.
6. There will normally be no events or functions on the same day, but at a different time as an AMAMU function.
7. No functions will be allowed that conflict with AMAMU programs.
8. The agreed upon starting time of the event should be observed - including the preparation and wrap up/clean up time needed by the user. 
9. The User will ensure the Centre is cleaned immediately after the program. The Centre must be left in the same clean state that was provided to the User. All garbage and recycling must be removed and taken to the Garbage and Recycling Bins located in the AMAMU Parking Lot. 
10. All chairs and tables moved during the event or function must be returned to their original positions. 
11. All furniture, equipment and materials brought in to the AMAMU premises for temporary use must be removed by the parties at the end of the event.
12. If any of the Centre’s equipment is being used by, it must be brought to the same condition prior to usage.
13. The User is entitled to use the cleaning equipment belonging to the Centre such as the vacuum, brooms, mops etc. to clean the Centre. The User agrees to use these items with care and to return them to the respective storage locations, after use.
14. At no point will candles or other potentially hazardous devices be permitted in the AMAMU during the function.
16. No smoking will be allowed in the building.
17. All parking regulations on and off the premises of the Centre must be obeyed.
18. All COVID-19 related provincial regulations to be followed. Screening upon entry and contact trace log is the responsibility of the User.  
19. Volunteer arrangements are the responsibility of the User.
20. Any charges for damages incurred including but not limited to extensive cleaning, audio/video system, broken chairs and or tables etc. by the centre following the event will be passed on to the user for payment. 

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Please fill out this form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form. All fields are required to be completed unless otherwise indicated. Thank you.